Minimum wage a sensitive issue for Hong Kong workers, companies and consumers

A recent survey by Oxfam Hong Kong showed that more than 81 percent of Hong Kong residents would be “less inclined to patronise a company that violated the rights and interests of its employees.”  The survey comes just weeks before the statutory minimum wage goes into effect May 1.  According to Oxfam, some companies may cancel paid meal breaks and eliminate rest days to counter the cost of paying the minimum wage.  The majority of respondents opposed these measures, and “agreed that respecting workers’ rights is part of a company’s social responsibility.”  Read more from Oxfam Hong Kong and review the report here.

Wage fairness is more complex than just the money; the minimum wage may veil undue wage disparities or may not appropriately reflect worker productivity. It is essential that all stakeholders continue working together towards making wages fair for all workers.  Read more about FLA’s work on wage issues.


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