>Consumers with a drinking problem???

>Take a look at this fascinating article about America’s truly absurd (and growing) addiction to bottled water. As the article notes, in 1976, the average American drank 1.6 gallons of bottled water a year, according to Beverage Marketing Corp. Last year, we each drank 28.3 gallons of bottled water–18 half-liter bottles a month. We drink more bottled water than milk, or coffee, or beer. Only carbonated soft drinks are more popular than bottled water, at 52.9 gallons annually.

What is truly remarkable, however, as author Charles Fishman notes, is that tap water in the United States, with rare exceptions, is impressively safe. It is monitored constantly, and the test results made public. Mineral water has a long association with medicinal benefits–and it can provide minerals that people need–but there are no scientific studies establishing that routinely consuming mineral water improves your health. The FDA, in fact, forbids mineral waters in the United States from making any health claims.

Meanwhile, one out of six people in the world has no dependable, safe drinking water. The global economy has contrived to deny the most fundamental element of life to 1 billion people, while delivering to us an array of water “varieties” from around the globe, not one of which we actually need.

It’s important reading for anyone who cares about smart consumerism or our global economy. You can read it here.

2 Comments on “>Consumers with a drinking problem???”

  1. David says:

    >This post is of Global interest.Consumers must be aware of such facts. More than 52% gallon bottled water consumer which is rarely safe for health..Being consumer i say to avoid drinking such varieties of water..drink pure and mineral water..that will be beneficial for both health and economic …check seals..thanks for highlighting this issue. holy land tours

  2. mahak says:

    >In today time we are facing lot of drinking problems as water which is supplied to drink is not clean and clear..So to avoid such problems consumers should be aware of all the consumer rights and they should drink only pure mineral water..thanks for raising this issue.. irrigation projects

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