>Moving forward on CSR with Paxar


Following resolution of disputes with the workers union, which included the signing of a mutually agreed Collective Bargaining Agreement last February, Paxar is “looking forward to the good faith implementation of the collective bargaining agreement,” noted FLA President Auret van Heerden, following the signing of the agreement, adding, “We will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that the terms and conditions set out in the agreement are respected.

Auret and I had another chance to meet with Paxar last month in Istanbul, where its headquarters is located, as well as at their production facilities located in Saray, about 120 kilometers from Istanbul. Paxar had offered numerous invites to the FLA, especially to discuss its thoughts on becoming a Participating Supplier, a decision now being assessed at a higher level in the company.

What was especially interesting was the opportunity to visit a facility that has a number of internationally known brands as major clients, but that is partly a textile factory and partly a printing shop. Thus, one would walk by both weaving machinery as well as offset printing equipment. Indeed, that’s what a label company does – it weaves the cloth labels and then embroiders or prints or transfers details to the cloth.
The objective of our visit was not to assess or audit, but to exchange information and foresee the future of the cooperation we have already begun. Currently, Paxar is undergoing a change, largely owing to their merger with Avery Dannison. Therefore, it may take a while before they can begin implementing their CSR management system in line with internationally accepted standards. The good news is they are aware that the FLA can help their progress towards this end.
Turks say that “a single evil deed is worth a thousand good” and this is true for many cases. Companies also learn from conflicts and it is then their choice whether to use this as a learning experience or lose the valuable opportunity. In Paxar’s case, I believe that the former applies.

EMEA Regional Manager


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